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What All Can We Do?


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Grocery Shopping
Dry Cleaning
General Errands
Postal/Shipping Errands
Plus more...


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    Handyman Services
    Drywall Repair
    Deck Repairs
    Preventative Maintenance
    Plus more...

      Pet Services

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      Walking and Fitness
      In-home Care
      Vacation Services
      Plus more...

        Yard Work

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        Mowing Grass
        Raking Leaves
        Tree & Flower Planting
        Pet Waste Removal
        Plus more...

          Party Services

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          Event Setup/Preparation
          Service Throughout the Event
          Event Cleanup
          Plus more...

            How It Works

            Book Your Appointment

            Book Appointment

            Step 1

            Search Availability and find your desired appointment time. You can request a single appointment or a recurring appointment. Recurring appointments are great for routine items such as cleaning or errands.

              Additional Details

              Step 2

              Once you book your appointment, you will be emailed a link where you can provide specific instructions. You will be able to upload pictures, provide instructions, attach files or supporting documents, etc.


                Step 3

                Once you have completed all steps, relax while ChoreAssist does the work for you! After your appointment, we welcome all feedback as we are constantly looking to improve our level of service.

                  To Get Started


                  ChoreAssist ScoreCard

                  We provide every appointment with our trademarked ChoreAssist ScoreCard. The days of wondering what your Assistant is doing while on the job is over! We take the guess work out of hiring an Assistant.


                  Learn more about the ChoreAssist ScoreCard here

                  Learn more about our House Assistants here

                  Try It Out

                  FREE Estimates

                  We offer FREE Estimates to all customers. We are confident that you will like our services better than other "Maid" service companies. Not only do we offer more services, we also provide better more enhanced features.

                  Competitor Comparison

                  • Services

                    and Features

                  • Cleaning /hr
                  • Cleaning 

                  • Errands

                  • Pet Care

                  • Party Services

                  • Yard Work

                  • Maintenance

                  • Book Single Appointments

                  • Reward Program

                  • FREE Hour Bonus

                    Detailed Report for each Appointment

                  • ChoreAssist


                  • $ 35









                  • Other "Maid"


                  • $ 40-45

                  • ✗    

                  • ✗    

                  • ✗    

                  • ✗    

                  • ✗    


                  • ✗    

                  • ✗    


                  Plus so much more...

                  Check out our Pricing & Membership page for more details

                  FREE Full Package Estimate

                  Full Package Estimate includes:

                  • A digital diagram of your home
                  • Interactive floorplan with pictures
                  • A custom price for cleaning services based on your home and individual needs
                  • Estimated times for standard errands you might need performed
                  • Suggestions for other yard work and maintenance items with estimated times
                  • Full descriptions of all our Membership features and benefits
                  • Enrollment in our Membership Rewards Program
                  • We are also available to answer any questions or comments that you might have about our features or services

                  SCHEDULE YOUR ESTIMATE

                  Need to get Something done? ChoreAssist to the Rescue!

                  Or call us to schedule your FREE Estimate: 859-212-0402

                  Pricing and Memberships


                  • DETAILS


                  • Discount on Service Rate

                  • Membership Bonus

                  • Booking Assurance

                  • ChoreAssist Rewards:
                    Referral Bounce:

                  • Full Feature & Details

                  • Gold

                    Premium Membership

                  • $1929 /mo
                  • 5% off

                  • 1 FREE Hour /mo

                  • Refund up to 2 Hours

                  • $1 Spent = 1 Point
                    1 Referral = 350 Points

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                  • Platinum

                    Premium Membership

                  • $49 /mo
                  • 10% off

                  • 2 FREE Hours /mo

                  • Refund up to 3 Hours

                  • $1 Spent = 1 Point
                    1 Referral = 350 Points

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                  Service Rates

                  • Pricing

                    per 30 minutes

                  • Membership Discount

                  • Errands per 30min

                  • Cleaning per 30min

                  • Yard Work per 30min

                  • Full Service List

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                  Need to get Something done? ChoreAssist to the Rescue!

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                  Phone: (859) 212-0402

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                  Florence, KY 41042

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