How It Works

How It Works

Book Your Appointment

Book Appointment

Step 1

Search Availability and find your desired appointment time. You can request a single appointment or a recurring appointment. Recurring appointments are great for routine items such as cleaning or errands.

    Additional Details

    Step 2

    Once you book your appointment, you will be emailed a link where you can provide specific instructions. You will be able to upload pictures, provide instructions, attach files or supporting documents, etc.


      Step 3

      Once you have completed all steps, relax while ChoreAssist does the work for you! After your appointment, we welcome all feedback as we are constantly looking to improve our level of service.

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        ChoreAssist ScoreCard

        We provide every appointment with our trademarked ChoreAssist ScoreCard. The days of wondering what your Assistant is doing while on the job is over! We take the guess work out of hiring an Assistant.


        Learn more about the ChoreAssist ScoreCard here

        Learn more about our House Assistants here

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