When you book a Maintenance appointment, here are some of the standard requests we get:

Standard Maintenance Jobs:


Child proofing Install home theater Install TV mount Assemble furniture


Repair drywall Painting Hang art Hang shelves
Install molding


Check/correct toilet leaks Check/correct sink leaks Remove hair & soap scum
Install toilet Install faucet(s) Install sink
Clean & deodorize drains Replace shower head

Doors | Windows | Cabinets:

Replace door(s) Replace lock(s) Replace knobs/handles
Lubricate window tracks Install window screens Install window treatments
Install/fix doorbell Install screen door Install cabinets
Install weather stripping Tighten/lube hinges/knobs

Electrical & Appliances:

Clean stove exhaust & filter Clean debris from refrigerator Clean debris from breaker box
Remove debris from dryer vent Remove lint from clothes dryer Check/replace washer hoses
Install/fix lighting fixture(s) Install electrical switches & outlets


Check all shutoff valves Check for carbon monoxide Check/replace smoke detector batteries

Heating & Cooling:

Balance/tighten ceiling fan Clean dust build-up on ceiling fans
Replace air conditioner filter Drain sediment from hot water heater


Re-caulk bathroom Grout cleaning/replacement
Clean/pressure wash deck & patio Pressure wash external home & pavement

Custom Maintenance Jobs:

When you book a Maintenance Appointment, you can specify custom jobs if you don't see the job you need completed listed above. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can!

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