ChoreAssist ScoreCard

We provide every appointment with our trademarked ChoreAssist ScoreCard. The days of wondering what your Assistant is doing while on the job is over! We take the guess work out of hiring an Assistant.

Our ScoreCard includes:

House Assistant Info

General information about your House Assistant.

Clocked Time

Our House Assistants are equipped with mobile tablets that track their time while performing your chores and tasks.

GPS Coordinates

All House Assistants have a mobile tablet that tracks their GPS location throughout the duration of your job.

Recommendations & Suggestions

While your House Assistant is performing their duties, they will alert you of anything that looks out-of-place or might need future attention.

Job Pictures

Your House Assistant will attach pictures of their completed work so you know right away what was completed.

Job Statistics & Details

We give you a detail rundown of what took place during your appointment. Knowledge is power!
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